Kasnalkaaaa Launch.

she’s alive….

Okay, So. As promised to you wonderful and oh so very patient people. I have finally published my Kasnalka stock onto Asos Market.

There you will find 3 of the 4 items I am selling;

The Black Tassel Necklace. (Click Here)


The Grey Feathered Necklace (Click Here)


The White Feathered Necklace (Click Here)


And those of you who are after my… Black Feather Necklace. Please don’t hesitate to contact by filling in the contact form below…


Additional Information:

Kasnalka’s Necklaces are a selection of beautifully Handmade and unique statement pieces that will enhance your Jewellery collection. They have been made fairly, without the use of Sweat Shops and forced labour. Our pieces are designed from various different materials, however it’s mainly Plastic, metal and Suede. They are most definitely one of a Kind and when you decide to purchase these uh-mazing items, you will also be super stoked to know that you would currently be one of the very few people in the world (and for real, no exaggeration there guys!) to be wearing these exclusive pieces. So why not wear Kasnalka this Christmas?

Love ya,