Although getting fit isn’t on my BucketList it’s still something I want to blog about as fitness for me is just one of the several key ways for happiness and health. I absolutely love keeping fit and eating right. Yes I still love my Chocolate!! But I do also love a good work out.

This past year I’ve struggled to find time to go to the gym (not an excuse I promise!), Okay, maybe a little excuse… I just didn’t want to leave the house in the morning! But I also didn’t want to give up getting fit either so I searched high and low for a fitness regime that would work around me and low and behold I found Fitness Blender. I swear by these guys! They are amazing. Alongside my Vegan protien shake I work out with these guys on Youtube atleast 4 times a week and I can see the difference already.

I do sometimes run in addition to this, however if I’m not up to running one day I can lie in guilt free knowing that I can just work out with these guys…

Below are my top 3 favourite videos from Fitness Blender.

I. Fitness Blender –  Butt & Abs Tabata Workout – Fat Blasting Cardio Interval Workout

This Video is my most frequently used video. I Love this one. It’s not to long and it’s not to short. I can fit it in perfectly with the day ahead, whether that be in the morning before work or after I return home from work!

II. Lower Body Tabata Workout – HIIT Workout to Burn Belly Fat & Tone Glutes & Thighs

Good Abs & Good Backside… enough said. However do remember guys, about 80% of your abs are made in the kitchen. An Abs workout does not cancel out the large fries you’ve been eating every night!! It’s both a combination of good, clean food and a good workout.

III. Express Calorie Blaster – Toning & Cardio

This baby I discovered the other day. I really wanted to work out but I didn’t have enough time in between work and meeting up with a few friends to do a full routine. So I looked for a high intensity 10 minute workout… and tadaa! I love it! It did leave me wanting more as it was only a quick 10 min session, but for a quick Workout it definitely did it’s job well!

I would advice that before any work out, if you have any health concerns or injuries consult with your doctor first!!

Let me know how it goes!!

Love ya,