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Kasnalkaaaa Launch.

she’s alive….

Okay, So. As promised to you wonderful and oh so very patient people. I have finally published my Kasnalka stock onto Asos Market.

There you will find 3 of the 4 items I am selling;

The Black Tassel Necklace. (Click Here)


The Grey Feathered Necklace (Click Here)


The White Feathered Necklace (Click Here)


And those of you who are after my… Black Feather Necklace. Please don’t hesitate to contact by filling in the contact form below…


Additional Information:

Kasnalka’s Necklaces are a selection of beautifully Handmade and unique statement pieces that will enhance your Jewellery collection. They have been made fairly, without the use of Sweat Shops and forced labour. Our pieces are designed from various different materials, however it’s mainly Plastic, metal and Suede. They are most definitely one of a Kind and when you decide to purchase these uh-mazing items, you will also be super stoked to know that you would currently be one of the very few people in the world (and for real, no exaggeration there guys!) to be wearing these exclusive pieces. So why not wear Kasnalka this Christmas?

Love ya,








Okay! So My bad! I haven’t blogged for a few days! But only because I’ve been working on these babies!!

I found this really cool material at a store in Yorkshire. If you don’t believe in Love at first sight… Then you need to go material hunting! I fell in love instantly.

It’s only one picture but I will try and get some good photos with a complete album up soon!

Those of you waiting for updates on Kasnalka (see previous blogs if you haven’t a clue what Kasnalka is) I will be publishing them next week! So hang tight!!!

Love ya!

No more TopShop Tears!!!


Okay okay! So just a quick post before I go to work!
I’ve finally come to the point in life where I no longer needlessly cry over the overpriced Leggings in TopShop! But at last, I can finally laugh and make my own!
Okay yeah so it may take a bit more effort making them than reluctantly handing over my cash at the TopShop counter but at least I can say I’ve made something to be proud of!

The Leggings above are made of black velvet but I’m thinking of making my next pair out of some bizarrely patterned material! Your Ideas are more than welcome!!

For more posts and updates follow my instagram… @leahsolisx


Photographer anybody?

Okay! So firstly my apologies… My trusted photographer aka friend aka ‘forced into taking photos of me’ friend. Wasn’t around when I wore this number to my Fashion Design Class. So I had no choice but to use the good old Iphone & Mirror tactic. (Don’t judge me… we’ve all been there. 😉 )

I Love this Outfit because it’s so simple and classy. I feel as if I’ve just stepped out onto the streets of Paris rather than ‘Good old’ Yorkshire. Maybe next time I wear this I’ll greet people with a ‘Bonjour… Ca va?’ Rather than bellowing ‘ELLO LOVE. ‘OW ARE YA?’ across the road!

I was debating whether to wear a chain or something with this outfit but in the end I decided against it, I wanted to keep things simple and jewellery to a minimum as I didn’t want to distract the attention from my Uh-mazing vintage skirt.

I guess if you were keen to add the old accessory a small simplistic necklace would look great along side some simple rings. Sometimes more is less!





Dress: Asda (George)|| Skirt: Urban Angles Charity Fashion Show|| Shoes: UGG Boots.

(I also added black tights too!!)


Tassel Necklace 2 - Copy

Okay, so I’m mega excited to let you all know about an amazing Polish founded company I’ve had to privilege of working alongside and manage within the UK. Kasnalka is a collection of beautifully Handmade and unique statement pieces of Jewellery. They’re made fairly, without the use of Sweat Shops and are designed and created […]

(Don’t) Drink CocaCola.

I’m actually pretty much Anti-Coca Cola, to the point where I know how many sugars and calories there are per every 330ml and I willingly make it known to any and every person I spot drinking the Sugar and Calorie ridden drink. And for those of you who think Diet-Coke is any better! Boy you are mistaken!! The chemicals and sweeteners hidden in that little can of ‘enjoyment’ are one of the worst kinds of Chemicals and Sweeteners you can legally consume. Anywayyss, health rant over…  Despite all of this…I couldn’t resist rocking my Coca Cola Jumper this year! ha 😉 

I do hate Coca Cola, it’s multi-international company and everything it stands for however I do love this top by D&G as layering is essential this Autumn/Winter and what is better for layering than an oversized jumper? 

2013-11-03T22-45-50_0 2013-11-03T22-45-50_3

Get this Look:

Hat: Brooklyn Nets|| Jumper: D&G || Bottoms: Old Gym Pants I Re-seemed into Skinnies.|| Trainers: Nike Airs



Remember Remember…

…The Fifth Of November.

Okay, So it’s not quite the fifth of November yet, but my Church held one this weekend and it was insane! I loved Every minute of it. Who knew a Church in Yorkshire, UK. Could host a Bonfire night with Theme Park Stalls, Roller Coasters and Carousels and Burger Vans!! :O .

I Absolutely Love Bonfire Night, it has to be my all time most favourite time of year (expect for Christmas and my birthday ;)) However despite my mad love for doing things traditionally, this year I decided not to go for the usual wrapped up ‘farmer John’ type of look. I left the wellies, gloves, and hat at home and traded them in for my latest Autumn/Winter purchases.

This year  I dressed asif I was ready to mosh! I wore oversized earrings. Chunky chain necklace. A Wolf’s open mouth top. Wet look leggings and my Cut out boots. I must say this look has got to be one of my most favourite looks. And yes mother, if you are reading this, I did also wear a coat! Two infact… My favourite Black Zara Leather Jacket and my Asos Parka over the top.






Dare To Denim!

Double Denim. It’s definitely a phrase that’s always being thrown around in the world of Fashion. But how many of use have actually dare to do it?

Why not give it a try this Autumn/Winter?



Create this Look.

Coat: Asos|| Shirt: Urban Angels Charity Fashion Show|| Jeans: Next|| Trainers: Nike Blazers