My Bucket List


Behold! The Bucket List! I would’ve liked to been able to say that after watching the Award-nominated film ‘The Bucket List’ I was deeply touched and moved to create my own Bucket List..,. But it didn’t quite happen like that. I was just simply bored and I was bored of being bored! So I created my very own BucketList….

Now ha, some are serious and some are not so serious and one does in fact include ‘Having a Selfie with Beyonce.’

I have currently written down 9 out of the 10 things I hope to do before I die, and I’m going to use this blog so you guys can journey with me and see how it is all panning out. I won’t reveal them all now. But I will reveal them to you as I go along. The whole purpose of doing this is to a) Challenge me in life and b) to simply have some fun!!

I would encourage you guys to do the same! Spice up your life and install into it that little bit more of fun! If you want to swim with Sharks¬†DO IT.¬†Or maybe like me, you’re more than happy to leave the dangerous and deadly sports to the crazy people and you just want to live in another country for a few months. Whatever it is, write it down and invite others on the journey with you!!

For more Updates on my Bucket List you can also follow my instagram: @leahsolisx

I can’t wait!!!

Love ya,