Photographer anybody?

by pagesfiftyv

Okay! So firstly my apologies… My trusted photographer aka friend aka ‘forced into taking photos of me’ friend. Wasn’t around when I wore this number to my Fashion Design Class. So I had no choice but to use the good old Iphone & Mirror tactic. (Don’t judge me… we’ve all been there. 😉 )

I Love this Outfit because it’s so simple and classy. I feel as if I’ve just stepped out onto the streets of Paris rather than ‘Good old’ Yorkshire. Maybe next time I wear this I’ll greet people with a ‘Bonjour… Ca va?’ Rather than bellowing ‘ELLO LOVE. ‘OW ARE YA?’ across the road!

I was debating whether to wear a chain or something with this outfit but in the end I decided against it, I wanted to keep things simple and jewellery to a minimum as I didn’t want to distract the attention from my Uh-mazing vintage skirt.

I guess if you were keen to add the old accessory a small simplistic necklace would look great along side some simple rings. Sometimes more is less!





Dress: Asda (George)|| Skirt: Urban Angles Charity Fashion Show|| Shoes: UGG Boots.

(I also added black tights too!!)