Remember Remember…

by pagesfiftyv

…The Fifth Of November.

Okay, So it’s not quite the fifth of November yet, but my Church held one this weekend and it was insane! I loved Every minute of it. Who knew a Church in Yorkshire, UK. Could host a Bonfire night with Theme Park Stalls, Roller Coasters and Carousels and Burger Vans!! :O .

I Absolutely Love Bonfire Night, it has to be my all time most favourite time of year (expect for Christmas and my birthday ;)) However despite my mad love for doing things traditionally, this year I decided not to go for the usual wrapped up ‘farmer John’ type of look. I left the wellies, gloves, and hat at home and traded them in for my latest Autumn/Winter purchases.

This year  I dressed asif I was ready to mosh! I wore oversized earrings. Chunky chain necklace. A Wolf’s open mouth top. Wet look leggings and my Cut out boots. I must say this look has got to be one of my most favourite looks. And yes mother, if you are reading this, I did also wear a coat! Two infact… My favourite Black Zara Leather Jacket and my Asos Parka over the top.